“A fallen leaf is nothing more than a summer’s wave goodbye” –Unknown

Fallen Leaves

September splendor, fall in love with fall and reawaken your landscape beds and containers with beautiful fresh cool season plant material. Don’t get in a rut….. fall isn’t only about pansies and mums; RCOP grows a wide variety of other crops to extend the growing season into winter. Combinations of kale, cabbage and grasses along with other component plants make beautiful arrangements.  We have collected some of our favorite pictures to showcase below. Keep in mind live plant material isn’t the only thing you can incorporate in your designs, try adding some pumpkins, gourds, twigs or leaves to the mix for that powerful impact.

Pictures courtesy of Bruss Landscaping Inc.

Orange Pepper Love In Glen EllynChilly Chili Pepper Stealing The ShowColorful Drama In NapervilleOverflowing With LovelinessStorkel Fall 35

Be sure to get your fall decor items at RCOP as well for that extra special touch.

Pumpkins Mixed SpecialtyGourds AssortedPumpkins Traditional

Happy fall planting!