Fall Tree

Bonfires, s'mores, rustling leaves and RCOP spring flowers!

With a blink of the eye the fall season was here and gone and RCOP is now planning ahead for the 2018 seasons. It is never too early to start thinking Spring! If you want to wow your customers with new varieties, or have had your eye on something for a few years but always order to late, don't drop the ball! Now is the time to give us a call! Our Early Spring list will be going out at the beginning of November and our Spring list will be going out by the beginning of December. We would love to hear your ideas before then. Our staff is ready to help with any decisions you need to make to amaze your clients next year!


Prepare for the holidays!

Img 0157

Poinsettia season is getting near, don't forget about your customers for the holiday season. RCOP grows a wide variety of Poinsettias that will sure to impress the recipient and add a sparkle to your holiday decorations. Call today to reserve yours!

Greenhouse happenings

Rudbeckia Tiger Eye Gold 3 070116

RCOP's ode to Tiger Eye Gold!

This past growing year we were forced to find, what we thought, a temporary replacement for Tiger Eye Gold Rudbeckia. After countless searching, we brought in Toto Gold. To our dismay this wanna be rock star had more than a few off notes. With our hopes high we thought our true star would return and take front stage once again in 2018! We are truly sad that we were just informed our beloved rock star has been discontinued due to production problems! We are hopeful, with all of the smart plant breeders in the industry, someone will figure out how to fix Tiger Eye Golds issues. We would love this beautiful plant to adorn our containers and gardens in the future again!