Look ahead - Don't let your containers or beds fall short!

Bloom And Grow 411

Designing for the fall can be a cumbersome job. With all of the choices available for spring designs, what can you add to spice up fall plantings a bit? RCOP offers a wide selection of plant material other than the standard mums; although RCOP mums are not standard they are Extraordinary! Be creative by incorporating unique items like gourds, pumpkins, corn stalks and straw. RCOP will have these available this year for you as well, to add to your fall orders. Call us for pricing and availability.

Greenhouse Happenings

Mum Field With Rcop Truck

RCOP staff is gearing up for an incredible fall season. Our mums and component plants are growing strong and looking more beautiful each passing day. We are looking forward to seeing the new varieties that we added this year come to life! As we patiently wait for fall shipping to start, staff members have had a chance to take a few field trips touring the nearby trial gardens and attend some of the trade shows. The Michigan Grower's tour is always such a delight to discover the new and improved collections of plants. This is how we energize our minds and see what is new and exciting in the plant world. The trial gardens give us the information we need to help our customers choose the right plant for their landscapes and retail benches. If you haven't had a chance to visit any, put it on a must do list for the coming year. Here is peak at some of the new plant material and beautiful landscapes we encountered on our journey.

Img 6396 Img 6495Img 6431

Enjoy the Summer!

 We will see you in the fall!