Our Favorite Plants for 2017

2017 is off and running and RCOP is excited about introducing some great new plants to our lineup. We have scouted the trial gardens and tested them ourselves. These are some of our favorites for 2017!

Canna CannaSol Wilma

Canna, seed CannaSol Wilma 

Why we love it: Dark sultry foliage with dreamy apricot coral flowers. Mindy has never seen a Wilma sexier than this.

Coleus Ruby Slippers

Coleus Ruby Slippers


Why we love it: The brilliant red color has us clicking our heels down the yellow brick road.

Calibrachoa Superbells Tropical Sunrise

Calibrachoa Superbells Tropical Sunrise


Why we love it: This little beauty rocked our booth at the summer field days last year! Can you smell the ocean and feel the breeze?

Solmar Series Zinnias

Zinnia Solmar RedZinnia Solmar ScarletZinnia Solmar Yellow


Why we love these: A win win in our book! They showed consistent height and beautiful color throughout the crop at the trials. The scarlet really looks that orange!

Cineraria Senetti Blue Bicolor

Cineraria Senetti Blue Bicolor


Why we love it: How electric! Sure to make anyone’s heart flutter. These are a sure sell out every season!

Bracycombe Radiant Magenta

Brachyscome Radiant Magenta


Why we love it: This little beauty stopped Mindy in her tracks at a box store last year. She saw it and thought it needed a home. Welcome to team RCOP Radiant!


Embers Wish and

Love and Wishes

Salvia Embers WishSalvia Love And Wishes


Why we love these: If you love Wendy's wish, you are sure to love these two additions. Embers wish bares bright coral tubular flowers and Love and wishes is covered with magenta purple blossoms. Make sure to add them to your Salvia wish List!

We look forward to scouting the trial gardens this year to seek out more exciting plant material!