Pick of the crop

Catalogs, trials, display gardens oh my! Every summer RCOP staff makes the rounds scouting for new introductions to add to the product line the following year. With all of the beautiful plant material available it's hard to choose what gets past the RCOP threshold. There is a list of criteria that is strongly followed in the final selection process. Below are some of the items we include on the check list.

Longevity and abundance of blooms

Resistance to disease

Nice form and habit

Color vibrancy

Sun/Shade tolerance

Heat/Cold tolerance

Growing time



Some plants may check all of the boxes wow our sales staff at the trials and make it to the lineup, only to underwhelm us with less than adequate performance. We don't mess around; those items will show up on our drop list for the following season. Through the seasons we look forward to seeing RCOP plant material in landscape sites, on garden center benches and in the beautiful containers created by our customers. If there is ever a product that we don't currently carry and you have had exceptional experience with it, please bring it to our attention, it may get included in the product list for the following year. Pictured below are a few items we will be including in our 2019 Early spring and Spring Product lines.

Nemesia Nesia Magenta

Nemesia Nesia Magenta (Early Spring)

Stock Mimi Blue

Stock Mimi Blue (Early Spring)

Ranunculus Magic Pink and Peach

Ranunculus Magic Pink and Peach (Early Spring)

Caladium Scarlet Flame

Caladium Scarlet Flame

Calibrachoa Superbells Holy Smokes 1

Calibrachoa Superbells Holy Smokes

Coleus Mainstreet Ocean Drive

Coleus Mainstreet Ocean Drive

Impatiens New Guinea Clockwork Purple

Impatiens New Guinea Clockwork Purple

Petunia Crazytunia Cosmic Purple Website

Petunia Crazytunia Cosmic Purple

Salvia Skyscraper Orange

Salvia Skyscraper Orange

We look forward to these and many more!