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In early August we took the opportunity to be a participant at the ILCA's Summer Field Day event. We had a beautiful day and a wonderful hosting location thanks to Goodmark Nursery in Wonder Lake. The day always lends to meeting new people and reconnecting with our customers and vendors in a laid back setting which is always very enjoyable. Smiling camels even made an appearance this year!

Smiling CamelsHappy Budda

If you didn't have a chance to stop by our very Zen booth at SFD, our grower Bob Hamrick gave a very informational talk on how to be successful with the plant material when it leaves our greenhouse and arrives at your doorstep. Make sure to click on this link to read RCOP's Recipes for Success in the Landscape and this link for Establishing your Annual Plantings in the Landscape. The information found in these 2 articles is critical information that should be used so you are successful throughout the growing season. Along with that helpful information we have recipes for natural remedies for a number of different plant ailments including powdery mildew and mites, all using items right out of your pantry! Click on this link for Natural Remedies for you Garden.

Shout it from the Mountain Tops!

Shouting From The Mountains

Crop rotation!!!!!

One area that cannot be stressed enough when planning your customer's beds for the upcoming year is crop rotation! Phytophthora stem rot can be avoided if you rotate your annual crops, yes just like the farmers do with vegetables in the field. The rotation process is not always thought of when planting in the landscape but if you do it will keep the soil guessing year to year! Use the chart below for a suggestion on rotations.

If you are struggling with a location or need some new inspiration feel free to contact us, we are always here to help our customers figure out a solution to a problem and help you change it up for the following year.

RCOP is always rooting for your success!