Ringing in the New Year a little greener!

The holidays are behind us and our bellies are full from all of the goodies. We are not alone; the beneficial insects in our greenhouses have been filling their bellies as well.  Along with our growers, the new tenants have been working diligently keeping an eye on all of the crops being grown.  We are seeing a significant decrease in the bad bug population, which means, they are not dining and damaging RCOP's crops! In 2017 we will continue to take steps towards a greener environment by using these biological controls early, so in the future, fewer pesticides have to be used on our crops.

The benefits in using biological control agents include:

  • Less risk of spray damage
  • Improvement in plant quality
  • Applications can be done while employees are in the greenhouse
  • Reduced pesticide exposure
  • No license needed to administer the product
  • Minimal cleanup
  • Reduction in the development of pesticide resistance
  • No more Tyvek suits!
  • No disposal needed of unused pesticides

If you have any questions about our new products or our IPM practices, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Stay warm and think spring!

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