What's Trending for the future in horticulture


Gone are the days of taking over the family farmstead, growing grandma's Hybrid Tea Roses and planting a row of old fashioned Lilacs along your property line. With millennials making up the majority of the demographics times have changed. Raising children along with both parents having long work days leaves little time for garden maintenance. The trend now is clean lines, easy maintenance and eco-friendly plant products. Outdoor living has evolved from the boring deck and patio set to multi-level hardscapes that include outdoor living and cooking areas, low maintenance plant material and Wabi-Sabi Gardening (the art of imperfection). Where does the new generation get their inspiration from? Websites and social media seem to be a huge influence in how and where the younger gardeners obtain their ideas.

Another great way of gathering information is through the means of Intergenerational gardening. Learning from our elders and letting them participate benefits both parties. Back in the day grandma and grandpa did not have fancy chemicals or the funds to spend to take care of gardening problems, instead they sourced out items found around the homestead like, Vinegar to rid weeds, baking soda for powdery mildew and Epsom salts to add the magnesium and sulfur your tomatoes need. These simple and cost effective concoctions may interest young gardeners again as they too are becoming eco-concious, bringing the gardening practices full circle. Gone are the days of spraying harsh chemicals and injuring our native areas, the millennials are now bringing natives back and becoming stewards in protecting our butterfly and bee population. For more information on other eco-friendly remedies click on the links below.




Lantana Landmark Sunrise RoseVerbena Upright BonariensisZinnia Megellan Scarlet

Great Polinators to add to your garden or container

Bio Cocktail

RCOP Trial plot of lobularia for attracting Syrphid Flies

(Aphid eating beneficials)

Here at RCOP, we always try to stay on top of new trends and look for ways to become more eco-friendly, that is why we brought the use of biologicals into our greenhouses. We trial plant material before we dive in head first to weed out the not so over achievers. Each summer our staff visits display gardens, botanical gardens, job sites and garden centers keeping our eyes open for new trends. We would love to hear where you get your inspiration from and garden trend ideas!

Enjoy the summer!