The selection process can be overwhelming with so many choices available. RCOP works with you to guide you in selecting the best plants for your application.


Our careful selection of seed and plug suppliers, custom soil blend and our unique growing environment all produce the very best flowers. We select only the best varieties available and then evaluate them throughout the season to ensure they are ideal for our region.

Fall 2023

Situated on twenty five acres, RCOP's facility includes over 110,000 square feet of covered greenhouse and more than nine acres of dedicated outdoor growing area.


Our consistency in procedures and growing habits produce uniform crops.

We are diligent about handpicking and cleaning every plant that is delivered to you. This ensures that the plants in your bed or bench maintain a beautiful consistent appearance through the growing season.


We work to keep you informed every step of the way. Starting with preseason planning and all the way through delivery, we work to keep you informed of our progress. Our customer service is hard to beat. In fact, we love to visit your landscape site or garden center to see how you – and our plants – are doing. Please call to arrange a visit.

RCOP grows many plants that are not listed on our published product lists. Just this year alone we’ve grown over 130 varieties in 25 additional container types and sizes. With your imagination and our vast array of plant materials, the possibilities are endless. We have a fantastic support team that thrives on researching new plants, as well as innovating trusted old varieties into your display. Please let us know what we can grow for you!


We believe in quality, consistency, communication, and superior service. RCOP’s goal is to establish strong mutually beneficial relationships with a family-style approach.

It is our commitment to these relationships; together with our experience, and knowledge, that makes RCOP unique. We offer the opportunity for all of us to grow together, to achieve the success we all desire and support each other along the way.



Joe Heidgen

Shady Hill Gardens

We have worked with three different vendors over the past few years and we have basically consolidated down to one, RCOP Maple Park. The main reason is terrific two-way communications and the quality of their plants. RCOP will call me to let me know if our plants are taller, greener, late blooming, short … any variation from the standard. When I get my shipment, I am never surprised.

Paul Dobrowolski

Hinsdale Nurseries

Being a retail garden center buyer for over 20 years I have worked with hundreds of vendors, very few of which offer both the high quality of product and customer service that RCOP offers. The open exchange of ideas and knowledge adds great value to our customer/vendor relationship. I feel that Mindy, Jim and Sheri are actually partners with Hinsdale Nurseries and have a vested interest in helping our business grow. They also bribe me with some of the best bakery I have ever eaten.

Pauline Doyle

Mariani Landscape

I work with RCOP Maple Park because I trust them to provide me with exactly what I order. If there are any questions, they call me with concerns before they ship. They are easy to work with and very friendly.

Lori Arrigo

Heaven On Earth Landscaping, Inc

If I were to sum up my experience with RCOP in one sentence, I would say exceptional product quality and outstanding customer service! My clients are always impressed with the health and beauty of the plants I use in their landscape. At RCOP customer service is as important as their product. I am a small business owner yet Sheri, Mindy and Jim always makes me feel as important as their independent garden centers. Thanks to you and your staff for making my life as a business owner less stressful and more enjoyable!

Mike Arnold

Bright Spots Garden Design

One of my favorite days of the year is when the RCOP truck pulls up with beautiful plants. Thank you for all of your professional support.

Tim Pollak

Chicago Botanic Garden

RCOP Maple Park and the Chicago Botanic Garden have a strong relationship because of RCOP’s commitment to diligent communication. The specs for the Botanic Garden are different from the landscape business. Great two-way dialogue ensures problems are averted and plants delivered are the quality required. I trust them to produce high quality plants for us.

Donna Vignocchi Zych

ILT Vignocchi

I have dealt with numerous suppliers in my twenty years in the landscape industry and I can sincerely say that the staff at RCOP renews my faith in old fashioned honesty, integrity and a dedication to quality. Very few of our vendors display such a genuine concern for our satisfaction. Even fewer will spend time consulting on design and best practices. If you have yet to work with RCOP, I highly recommend doing so…now.

Stephanie Dalton

Can't ContainHer

Can't say enough about wonderful things about RCOP's commitment to great plants and great customer service!

Trina Bloom

Bloom and Grow Gardens

As usual, everything looks wonderful, the order was correct and on time. Amazing! First prize again this year. Thank you so much. I hope you know how much I enjoy working with you and how easy you make my job.