Here you will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions that need to be addressed please contact us.

Price lists generally come out four to six months prior to the season they are associated with. Early Spring price lists are completed by early October, Spring price lists are finalized by early November and Fall price lists are completed by early March. If you would like to receive our price lists either via email or mail, please contact the office to be added to our distribution lists.

We accept orders up to 24 hours prior to the material being needed; however, each season has a desired date that we would prefer to receive your order by so that we can secure your product from our preferred suppliers. The following are the dates we would prefer to receive your order by:

Early Spring - October 31st
Spring - November 30th
Fall - March 18th

Each season has a discount deadline associated with its product. If your order is placed by the designated day, a percentage of your order is discounted based on your terms with RCOP. The following are the 2023 discount deadlines:

Early Spring - October 31st, 2023

Spring - November 30th, 2023

Fall - March 18th, 2024

We custom grow a variety of flat material to fit your needs. Our typical flat sizes are 1801s and 1202s. Please contact us for more information on our custom grow program.

Minimums are based off of the particular crop we are custom growing and the supplier we are receiving the plant material. The following are general minimums for custom grows by size:

1801: 15-16 trays
3 ½”: 288-306 pots
4 ½”: 280-320 pots
6”/6 ½”/Gal: 90-102 pots

If you need a size that is not listed above please let us know.

We will gladly assist you in calculating how many of our plants will help fill your designated landscape area. To do this we will need to know the size of area in square feet, how it will be watered (by hand or irrigation) and how much sunlight it receives daily.

All plants require water to establish and maintain their vitality in a landscape or container setting. There are a few plants that, once established, do not require regular watering. For recommendations on which plants require less seasonal maintenance, please call and talk to the sales staff.

Although we love answering your landscape design questions and helping make plant combinations, we do not come out to the site and lay the plants out for you.

A large portion of our crops are custom grown and are pre-sold, which is why we don’t allow customers to pick their own orders.

We deliver throughout northern Illinois with a minimum purchase amount of $750. The delivery minimum and delivery fees are based off of a 50 mile radius from Maple Park, Illinois. Deliveries made outside of this area may be subject to different fees and minimums.

For areas that are within a 50 miles radius of Maple Park, Illinois our estimated delivery fee ranges from $60-$90, depending on the time of year. Delivery fees are subject to change without notice.

We require all of our racks during the shipping season to make our fleet efficient. All material must be unloaded from the racks at the time of delivery and racks returning with our driver.

Your invoice will be sent along with your delivery, or emailed to you prior to your pick up. If you need a copy of a signed invoice emailed or faxed, please do not hesitate to call the office.

Statements are sent out at the end of every month if a balance exists. If you are not receiving a statement or it is being sent to the wrong person, please call and speak to the administrative assistant.

Although we share the same last name, all companies are separate entities. Please contact the office to receive the proper paperwork to become a customer of RCOP.

If you are calling to speak to who you think is Ron, it is probably Jim. Ron retired in 2002, but if you would like to leave a message for Ron we’d be more than happy to pass it along to him.