Have you ever wanted a plant that isn’t on our current product list for the season? You’re not alone!

Every year RCOP custom grows nearly 200 varieties of plants that are not on our published price lists or are in a different size pot than listed. This totals close to 200,000 individual pots annually.

We specialize in working with our customers to create a product that they can utilize specifically for their needs. From growing a crop we’re familiar with in a different size or choosing a new variety to grow entirely, every step of the custom growing process is personalized. We can assist in choosing the right variety, picking out the best size pot for your plant or budget, and will time your crop so it’s in prime shape for shipping and planting. We will even work with you to reach the minimum required for custom growing by placing you with other customers who are interested in the same plant.

Custom grow planning takes place 4-12 months prior to installation. Minimums are based off of the variety of plant as well as the supplier we receive the plugs from.

Please note that our deadline for accepting custom grow orders for Early Spring and Spring 2024 is December 1st, 2023.

It's never too early to speak to us about custom growing, so please call today with any questions you may have regarding this program.

Custom Growing with RCOP