Our tentative 2022 delivery minimum and fees are as follows:  Delivery is available for all orders over $750.  During the January through August, November and December time period, the fee for this delivery service is $60 fee per stop.  During the August through October time period, the fee for this delivery service is $75 per stop. These delivery fees are based off of delivery within a 50 mile radius of Maple Park, Illinois.  Additional charges may apply for delivery outside of that radius.

Any change to the tentative 2022 delivery minimum and fees will be conservative in nature and announced two weeks prior to the start of each season’s shipping.

Our general delivery hours March through October are Monday through Friday 6:00 am to 4:00 pm.  During November through February our delivery hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. During heavy ship weeks, minimum orders will require a 5 day ship window.  Time stops are available for orders over $3,500 January - June and over $2,500 for September and October.  Site delivery is available when arranged in advance.  A delivery address and receiving hours are needed upon placing your order.  Time stops and site deliveries are subject to additional delivery fees.  With the exception of time stops, we will only give an estimated time of delivery.

A sufficient crew must be on site to help our driver unload your order.  If there is not a sufficient crew, the following fees may be applied to your invoice: waiting time fee, re-routing fee or an unloading fee.  Delivery material is marked for RCOP’s identification.  If other needs are required please inform your salesperson.  Additional charges may apply.


RCOP is not responsible for natural or common disasters and has no control over the weather, traffic, or road conditions.