“Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm.

It's about doing more good.” - Jochen Zeitz


50 years in the making and still growing strong. What sets us aside from other growers is stated in our mission statement: “We believe in quality, consistency, communication, and superior service. RCOP’s goal is to establish strong mutually beneficial relationships with a family-style approach.”

We take providing our customers with superior products very seriously. From the time the plugs, seeds or cuttings come through our door to the time they arrive at their destination, they are treated with the utmost care. So, we are sure to get all our crops off to a great start, we have added 52 more LED lights to our propagation area, giving us a total of sixty. Our greenhouse glows so bright now, it very well could be visible from the space station! These LED lights have helped produce strong plants from the very beginning using less fertilizer, less water, and less pesticides. Getting the crops off to a good start is just one step we take in producing quality plants. The implementation of our biological program along with extraordinary care from our growing team is the icing on the cake.

The other positive aspect of utilizing LED lighting is that it has less impact on our carbon footprint. As stated in our Footprint and Ethical Solutions Statement: “Doing all the above makes us realize that we are just stewards of this life, we really can’t own nature. We can only guide it and preserve it."

The picture above is look at our propagation area. If you are interested in seeing our growing facility, please call and schedule a tour with us. We welcome visitors.